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Damascus Spring. Experimental Video Art and Documentary in Syria, June 2007
(original in German)
Bridge of Understanding - Le Pont Organization and Gallery in Aleppo, Syria, June 2008
(original in German)
Veiled Visuality - Video Art in Syria
ISIM Review, Fall 2008
Experimental Art in Damascus: All Art Now, July 2009
(original in German)
Junge Kunst in Syrien: Eine Bestandsaufnahme, Autumn 2009
The young art scene in Syria
Springerin 04/09 (print)


Beirut Art Center: Experimental Art in an Industrial Zone, February 2010
(original in German)
Contemparabia in Beirut, April 2010
(original in German)
Steve Sabella: In Exile, July 2010
Am Anfang war die Schrift. Multimedia Installation von Salah Saouli
Multimedia installation by Salah Saouli
Springerin 03/10 (print)
The "Etana Books" Cultural Centre in Damascus, September 2010
(original in German)
Mapping Paradise. Damascus as seen by contemporary Syrian artists, October 2010
Wide Field of Vision. Independent video documentary in Syria, November 2010


Belonging to Yourself. Interview with Syrian artist Buthayna Ali, May 2011

The End of Tolerance, May 2011
(original in German)



Springerin 03/11

(print, in German)


Winds of Change, August 2011

(original in German)


The Art of Ambiguity, September 2011

(original in German)

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