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Selected publications:


The Contemporary Art Scene in Syria: Social Critique and an Artistic Movement, London and New York: Routledge 2020


Academic journals and edited books with peer review:

Feminism and Social Critique in Syrian Contemporary Art, in Ceren Özpınar and Mary Kelly (eds.): Under the Skin: Feminist Art from the Middle East and North Africa Today, Oxford: Proceedings of the British Academy 2020, pp. 26 – 40 

Film and Video as a Space for Political Expression and Social Critique in Syria, Artl@s Bulletin 9:1, 2020

Give Sorrow Images: Trauma and Loss in the Works of Displaced Artists from Syria, in Lucy Wrapson, Victoria Sutcliffe, Sally Woodcock and Spike Bucklow (eds.): Migrants: Art, Artists, Materials and Ideas Crossing Borders, London: Archetype Publications 2019, pp. 130 – 14

Art Education in Twentieth Century Syria, in Nino Nanobashvili and Tobias Teutenberg (eds.): Drawing Education Worldwide! Continuities - Transfers – Mixtures, Heidelberg: University of Heidelberg Press 2019, pp. 305 – 319

Performing critique: Chaza Charafeddine’s Divine Comedy as an inter-temporal dialogue on gender and sexual diversity, in Pedram Khosronejad (ed.): Beauty and the Beast: photography, the body and sexual discourse in the Middle East and Central Eurasia, Journal of the Anthropology of the Contemporary Middle East and Central Eurasia 5 & 6, Summer 2017 – Winter 2018/19, pp. 85 – 101

Remaking a world: Recently displaced artists from Syria in Berlin, in: Johanna Rolshoven and Joachim Schlör (eds.): Artistic Positions and Representations of Mobility and Migration, Mobile Cultures Studies 4, 2018, pp. 171 – 182

Translating Commitment. Some Thoughts on Critical Artistic Production in the Arab World, in Jelle Bouwhuis (ed.): Furthering, nurturing and futuring Global Art Histories?, Kunstlicht Vol. 39, 2018, no. 1, Spring 2018

Painting as critique: Oil painting as a site for social and political negotiation in Syria, in: Silvia Naef and Elahe Helbig (eds.): Visual Modernity in the Arab World, Turkey and Iran: Reintroducing the ‘Missing Modern’, Asiatische Studien / Études Asiatiques (ASI) Volume 70, Issue 4, 2016, pp. 1285 - 1306

Calling things by their real names: Anonymous artistic production and the Syrian uprising, Fusion Journal Issue 9, Anonymous: The Void in Visual Culture, Fall 2016,

Veiled Visuality. Video Art in Syria, ISIM Review, Fall 2008,


 Encyclopedia contribution

Marwan Kassab-Bachi, Mathaf Encyclopedia, Doha: Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art (published 2021)



Natasha Gasparian, Commitment in the Artistic Practice of Aref El-Rayess: The Changing of Horses, Manazir Journal, September 1, 2021,


Chapters in books and edited volumes:

The Art of Persuasion. Posters of the Anonymous Syrian Artist Collective Alshaab alsori aref tarekh, in: Syria Speaks. Art and Culture from the Frontline, edited by Malu Halasa, Zaher Omareen and Nawara Mahfoud, London: Saqi Books 2014, pp. 66 – 83


Essays in exhibition catalogues:

Un/sichtbare Städte – die Bildwelten von Tammam Azzam, in Tammam Azzam Dämmerung und Morgenlicht, Sexten: Museum Rudolf Stolz and Berlin: Galerie Kornfeld 2020

Perpetual Metamorphosis. The Paintings of Marwan, in Berlin: Galerie Haas 2018, pp. 13 – 14

Wandering Witness, in Mario Rizzi. Bare Lives, Berlin: Archive Books 2017, pp. 56 – 59 

Precarious Life. The Photography of Mohamed Badarne, in: Come Back Safely. Mohamad Badarne, Berlin: European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights e.V., 2016, pp. 85 – 87

Marwan. Topographies of the Soul, in: Marwan Qassab Bachi. Topographies of the Soul, Sharjah: Barjeel Art Foundation, 2014, pp. 1 – 3

Whose Contemporaneity?, in: Errors Allowed, Mediterranea 16 – Young Artists Biennial Ancona 2013, Macerata: Quodlibet 2013, pp. 130 – 137 (co-authoured with Delphine Leccas)

Open Secrets. Contemporary art in Syria, in: After the Rage, Athens 2011(unpaginated)

Still Lives – still alive, in: Mohammad Said Baalbaki, exhibition catalogue, Damascus: Rafia Gallery, 2010 (unpaginated)


Art journals

"There is no Syrian Cinema”. Syrian Filmmakers Since the Civil War, Sight and Sound Magazine 08/2017,

Kunst im Kreuzfeuer. Syrische KünstlerInnen drei Jahre nach Beginn der Revolte, Springerin Summer 2014, pp. 22 – 25

Von der Notwendigkeit des schnellen Agierens. Die syrische Online-Videoszene und ihr Engagement für eine neue Zivilgesellschaft, Springerin, Summer 2012, pp. 14 – 15

Grenzgänge. Beispiele künstlerischen Arbeitens über Exil und Entwurzelung, Springerin Summer 2011, pp. 54 – 57

Am Anfang war die Schrift. Multimediainstallation des Künstlers Salah Saouli, Springerin, Summer 2010, p. 13

hSteve Sabella: „In Exile“, Nafas Kunstmagazin, July 2010,

Junge Kunst in Syrien. Eine Bestandaufnahme, Springerin, Fall 2009, pp. 54 – 57 

Damaszener Frühling, Nafas Kunstmagazin, July 2007,


Other cultural writings

Vom Leben gezeichnet. Syrisches Kunstprojekt Cutting Away the Void, Qantara e-magazine, December 2014,

Zwischen Traum und Trauma. Mohamad Malas’ Film “Ladder to Damascus”, Qantara e-magazine, March 2014,

Ein Mosaikstein des Kollektiven Gedächtnisses. Salah Saouli: The Days of the Blue Bat, Qantara e-magazine, May 2013,

Im Spannungsfeld zwischen Kunst und Aktivismus. „Bewegte Bilder“ – syrische Kurzfilme und Videos, Qantara e-magazine, November 2012,

Jagd auf unbequeme Kulturschaffende, Qantara e-magazine, August 2012,

Gegen den Strich. Arabische Comic-Szene, Qantara e-magazine, July 2012,

Kreatives Erwachen. Kunst und Widerstand in Syrien, Qantara e-magazine, March 2012,

Die Kunst des doppelten Bodens, Qantara e-magazine, September 2011, 

Wind des Wandels, Qantara e-magazine, August 2011,

Wide Field of Vision, The Majalla, November 2010,

Mapping Paradise. Damascus as seen by Contemporary Syrian Artists, The Majalla, October 2010,

Fragmente der Erinnerung, Qantara e-magazine, May 2010,

Leaving the Cultural Backyard. Experimental Art in Damascus, Qantara e-magazine, July 2009,



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