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Talks and lectures  




On the Border. Buraq as a Space for Questioning and Imagination in Contemporary Art

15th Ernst-Herzfeld Colloquium, University of Budapest (July 5 – 6)


Performing Gender in the Diaspora

Transcultural Interplay through Art and Social Life: Iranian Diaspora in Europe and beyond, University of Paderborn (June 25 – 27)


Performances of Gender in the Works of Contemporary Iranian Artists of the Diaspora

Symposia Iranica, University of St. Andrews (April 13 – 14)



Give Sorrow Images: Memory and Trauma in the Works of Recently Displaced Artists from Syria

Art, Artists, Materials and Ideas Crossing Borders, University of Cambridge (November 15 – 16)         


Silent Voices? Contemporary Syrian Artists and the International Art Scene

Changing Global Hierarchies of Value, University of Copenhagen and National Museum of Denmark (August 20)


The Making of a Diaspora: Recently Displaced Syrian Artists

Second International Central and West Asia and Diasporas Research Network Conference, Humboldt University Berlin (July 23 – 25)


Performing history: Chaza Charafeddine’s “Divine Comedy” as critique of contemporary gender politics in the Middle East

14th Ernst-Herzfeld Colloquium, University of Strasbourg, France (July 5 – 7)


Critique by Association. Chaza Charafeddine’s “Divine Comedy” and contemporary representations of gender in the Middle East

Art, Materiality and Representation, British Museum and SOAS, London (June 1 – 3)


Process, Performance and Temporality in Chaza Charafeddine’s “Divine Comedy”: A critique of contemporary gender politics in the Middle East

Process in Modern and Contemporary Islamic Art, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (April 14)



Fragmented Voices. Politics, Critique and Constraints in Syrian Contemporary Art

Venice Biennale and the Arab World, Ca’ Foscari, Venice (October 19 – 20)


Re-making a world: Recently displaced Syrian artists and new artistic diaspora networks

Sites of Interest: Exploring the Urban in Art Worlds, Technische Universität Berlin (May 12 – 13)


Commitment to Change: Early Modern Painters in Syria

34. Deutscher Kunsthistorikertag: Kunst Lokal – Kunst Global, Technische Universität Dresden (March 8 – 12)



Beyond figuration: Exploring the space between the abstract and the figurative in Marwan’s painting

Abstraction Unframed, New York University Abu Dhabi (May 22 – 24)



Chronicling the Syrian uprising: Collaborative Online Projects and Their Roots in the Syrian ‘Committed Art’

Where/How does the North meet the East?, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (October 7 – 9)



The artist in Syrian society: official vs. unofficial art and the problem of engaged artistic practice

WOCMES (World Congress of Middle Eastern Studies), Technical University of Ankara


Modern and Contemporary Art History in the Arab World: Critical Art Practice in Syria

10th Ernst Herzfeld Colloquium, University of Hamburg


Art and Heritage in Syria. The internet as a platform for cooperation

ZK/U Berlin: Innovate Heritage: Conversations between Arts and Heritage (June 6 – 7)


Public talks


Critical, committed, engaged. Modern and contemporary artistic practice in Syria

Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern: The Arab Apocalypse. Art, Abstraction and Activism in the Middle East (September 28)


Performing Critique in Chaza Charafeddine’s “Divine Comedy”

Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin, (September 27)


Moderne künstlerische Praxis in der arabischen Welt

Deutsch-arabische Freundschaftsgesellschaft, Berlin (May 8)



Cautious Critique: Contemporary Artistic Practice in Syria 2000 – 2011

Symposium: Kunst, Flucht und Migration, Kurt-Kurt Berlin (October 14)

Shorts from Syria (talk and film screening)

Shubbak Festival. A Window on Contemporary Arab Culture, London (July 9)

Syrische Künstlerinnen im 21. Jahrhundert: Engagement, Marginalität und Migration
Marta Herford, Herford (Germany): Looking Both Ways. Bildpolitiken zeitgenössischer Künstlerinnen aus dem Nahen Osten und in der Diaspora (July 8)



Staying true to oneself: Art Scene(s) in the Middle East

Panel discussion “Terranauti #Prolog”, Villa Romana, Florence, Italy (November 1)



Virtual Agoras. Artistic Video Activism in Syria (lecture and multi-media presentation)

Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdansk, Poland (November 6)


Art and social engagement in Syria

Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne, Switzerland (October 2)



Mapping Creative Internet Activism in the Arab World (lecture and multimedia presentation)

Impakt Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands (October 27)


Virtual Agoras (lecture and multimedia presentation)

7th Berlin Biennale, KW, Berlin (June 3)


Creative Protest in Syria: Mapping the Virtual Revolution (lecture and multimedia presentation)

European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück, Germany (April 20)



So Close in the Distance. Young Arab Video Art (lecture and multimedia presentation)

European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück, Germany (April 30)



Positions. Experimental Short Films and Videos from Lebanon, Palestine and Syria (lecture and multimedia presentation)

Casino Luxembourg, Forum d’art contemporain, Luxembourg (October 21)





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