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Ghosts Approaching From Afar

Since the beginning of the Syrian uprising in early 2011, artists and film makers have – like all other Syrians - been closely following the unfolding events and have often taken a clear stand against violence and oppression and for the freedom of all citizens. These ideas have also been dominant in artistic production, whereby hope and despair often appear closely linked.

The program “Ghosts Approaching From Afar” presents a series of very personal statements from artists, who on a daily basis are confronted with disturbing news and doomed to follow the increasingly violent events from the distance.


Museum of Contemporary Art

Roskilde, Denmark

March 22, 2013, 7.30 pm

Randa Mdah: Light Horizon (2012)


Ammar Al-Beik: The Sun’s Incubator (2011), 11:32

Khaled Abdulwahed: Tajj (2012), 2:14

Kevork Mourad: A Sad Morning, Every Morning (2012), 4:02

Madonna Adib: Demain l’adieu (2012), 2:00

Randa Mdah: Light Horizon (2012), 7:21

Anonymous: Hama 82 (2012), 26:00 

Mohammad Ali Atassi: Ibn Am Online (2012), 36:08

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