Charlotte Bank Projects
Ammar Al-Beik: La Dolce Siria (2015)

Letters from the Country of Lost Dreams

Curated by Charlotte Bank

The Yard – Al-Serkal Avenue Dubai
 Atassi Foundation

Monday 27 March, 7 pm
  The Yard

Monday 3 April, 7 pm
The Yard


Artists and film makers present very personal reflections on the current situation in Syria. Far from the sensationalism of international media, each of the films and videos of the program is a statement for humanity in the face of violence. Some works speak of the lost dreams of the early days of the Syrian uprising, some tells stories of day-to-day struggles and the absurdity of life in no-go zones and others let through a sparkle of hope, despite it all.

Screening 1, March 27:

Randa Maddah: Light Horizon (2012), 7:21

Khaled Abdulwahed: Tajj (2012), 2:14

Ammar Al-Beik: La Dolce Siria (2015), 26:51

Screening 2, April 3: 

Nidal Hassan: True Stories of Love, Life, Death, and sometimes Revolution (2012), 1:02:00

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