Charlotte Bank Projects


Sites of Memories


exploring the interrelation between place, society and memory in exprimental film and video from Syria


curated by

Charlotte Bank


Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Denmark: February 5th 2010



Ammar Al-Beik: Jerusalem HD (2007)


A "lieu de mémoire" or site of memory, termed by the French historian Pierre Nora, describes an historical event of symbolic character with such serious consequences that it seems to exist not only in history but in the present and future as well. It may or may not be connected to a physical location, important is its far-reaching consequences and its grasp on the person's mind. It often plays an identity defining role whether for an individual, a group or for an entire people.

In taking this concept from the collective into the personal sphere, the works presented in this program explore the significance of specific events en encounters for the individual. How are life itineries influenced and changed by certain events and how are our personalities affected by the memories of such events? What is the character of an individual "lieu de mémoire"?



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