Charlotte Bank Projects
Swarm (2014)
Tower (2014)


A project by Salah Saouli

The exhibition seeks to address conditions of confinement and restriction as they increasingly are becoming part of our everyday lives. As the visitors move through the exhibition space, they are confronted with situations that generate feelings of discomfort and open up questions about the world as we perceive it.

The first room presents a large object floating in the air. Consisting of hundreds of wooden parts, it forms an organic structure that is pressed into the narrow space of a room that is too small for its proportions, thereby creating a sense of confinement and intimidation. The visitors are obliged to move in the narrow space around the object, their freedom of action being severely restricted, just like the almost room-filling object.

Moving into the second room, the visitor is confronted with a tower-like structure. Sounds and images are emanating from it, yet their sources remain hidden, only to be guessed at when one moves around the object. 

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