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The Video Dialogues invite two video artists to show a work each, of recent or older date, that explore a similar theme from different angles.

The aim is to create meaningful dialogues across borders and time and to explore how artists approch different themes in different locations at different times.

In order to foster dialogue and exchange, we occasionally invite artists from other regions than the Arab countries to collaborate with an artist from the Arab world.





Ghassan Halwani: Jibraltar (2005)
Ammar Al-Beik: Jerusalem HD (2007)

June 2013: Aus-Land

Moufida Fedhila & Ghassan Halwani

May 2014: Traced Patterns

Ninia Sverdrup & Ammar Al-Beik



November 2014: Tales of New Beginnings

Randa Maddah & Maryam Samaan

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