Charlotte Bank Projects
The Country of Last Things

Artists: Lina Majdalani, Steve Sabella, Larissa Sansour, Tatjana Schülke, Syrialism

Sept. 15 - 18 2016, 2 - 7 pm

Sept. 23 - 25,  4 – 7 pm


Art-Lab Berlin im iPhonedoctor

Perleberger Straße 60; 10559 Berlin

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The exhibition takes place on the occasion of the Award for Artistic Project Spaces and Initiatives of the Senate for Cultural Affairs Berlin 


Larissa Sansour: Nation Estate (2013)
The artists gathered in the exhibition The Country of Last Things deals with the issues of dream and reality through a variety of media and approaches. They ask how human existence relates to the material world when the latter seems to be on the brink of disintegrating. Thereby, they reflect upon visions that turn into illusions, and utopias that have become dystopias, as well as the realization of ideas.  

Our contemporary life is characterized by a growing sense that the world as we have known it is coming to an end, and what lays ahead remains shrouded. As so often when an era seems to end, the future serves as a surface on which to project negative emotions and anxieties. The title of the exhibition is drawn from Paul Auster’s In the Country of Last Things, a disturbing tale of life in a dystopian city in which the social coherence has broken down. But where Auster’s novel offers a highly gloomy picture of the state of the world, the works of the exhibition seek for roads of escape, present abstract-poetical reflections or delve into human subconsciousness. Thus, they offer possibilities to re-think the future.


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