Charlotte Bank Projects

Drinnen - Draußen


Reem Al Ghazzi (Syria): Crack (2007), Video, 4 Min

Daniel Segerberg (Sweden):Ouroboros (2011), Installation


March 12 – 20, 2016

Art-Lab Berlin

Perleberger Strasse 60


Two artists explore the themes of street and public space in very different ways. Reem Al Ghazzi presents a subtle portrait of an elderly tailor who, following the arrest of his favorite son feels strongly disappointed by life and by the general “cruelty of people”. As a consequence, he has chosen to withdraw into a world of his own and keeps social interaction to an absolute minimum. 

In his practice, Daniel Segerberguses the street and what he finds on it as basis for his work. He creates fragile sculptures and installations out of discarded material and thus brings the street with its roughness into his own subjective world and lends it a new life. The work Ouroboros takes as its references the ancient symbol of the snake that eats its own tail. Here it presents a reflection on renewal, where each ending is simultaneously the beginning of something new.


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